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    May 1, 2014


    Living Green Walls, also known as Vertical Gardens, Living Walls and Eco-Walls are ever-changing, living art pieces that can be attached to both interior and exteriors wall surfaces. They differ from Green Facades (climbers or creepers) in that the plants roots are supported within the structure of the given vertical garden system and each plant is given what it requires to thrive from that structure.

    We specialize in design and installation for vertical garden, horizontal garden, automated irrigation system, automated fertilization system for residential and commercial applications.

    Where Vertical Gardens are Used

    Living walls are exceptionally versatile. They can be attached to virtually any vertical structure, old or new. They can also be free-standing space dividers, providing beauty, sound-proofing and security. Typical uses include:

    Exteriors + Interiors

    Retail + Office Environments

    Residential Projects

    Industrial Buildings

    Tennis Courts and Golf Courses

    Stadiums and Arenas

    Hotels and Restaurants

    Schools and Hospitals

    Highway Improvements

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    April 30, 2014

    AL SAWANI Co. supply various selection of artificial vertical garden, the realistic beautiful look makes artificial vertical garden popular for residential or commercial gardening and landscape. The ordinary size of each vertical garden panel is 100cm*100cm, other size can be customized. Now we have two kinds of artificial vertical garden for demand, they are PREMIUM PANELS and PLANT WALL PANELS.

    For market demand, our vertical gardens are UV stabilized and fire retardant, very eco-friendly and economic for environment, if you are in need of artificial vertical garden panels or have any design purpose, tell us and let our expert designers offer you with best solution.

    Installation & Maintenance Costs

    Costs are varied depending on the project area, but on average the cost for installing a artificial wall system, complete with plants, is SAR 24 - SAR 65 per sq ft.



    April 29, 2014

    Preserved moss walls are becoming a growing design feature for interior areas only. You can enjoy all the benefits of living green walls without the cost of ongoing watering and maintenance.